terms and conditions of business

No booking is confirmed until a deposit or full payment has been made.

Please check the booking details as it is your responsibility to ensure the booking information is accurate and to advise of any inaccuracies.  It is understood that the person making the booking is empowered to act on behalf of all members of the party.

Deposit and Final Payment

Details of your deposit and final payment will be notified in your confirmation e-mail.
When the final monies have been received you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Approximately 4/5 days before your stay you will receive a pre-arrival letter outling the details for your stay, the key box code, gate code key (Brewer's and Digby's only) and directions.


Brosterfield Farm and Brosterfield Suite
Old Dairy
Shippon Cottage
Fern Cottage
Brosterfield Cottage

If you wish to cancel a booking, you should advise us by e-mail.  In ALL cases of cancellation, the booking deposit will be forfeited.

If the cancellation is made within 10 weeks of arrival you are liable for the full cost of the booking.

Brewer's Cottage
Bertie's Retreat
Digby's Hut

If you wish to cancel a booking, you should advise us by e-mail.  In ALL cases of cancellation, the booking deposit will be forfeited.

If the cancellation is made within 4 weeks of arrival you are liable for the full cost of the booking.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time and will refund any monies paid relating to the rental only, no other compensations will be paid.    We strongly recommend all customers take out personal travel insurance to cover all eventualities on holiday and cancellation.

If you have made a booking through Booking.com for Brewer's Cottage or The Brosterfield Suite (Brosterfield Suite which has been booked as a sole unit and independent of Brosterfield Farmhouse).    Cancellation can be made 10 days before with a full refund.  Digby's Retreat and Bertie's Retreat cancellation can be made 10 days before with a full refund (excluding Wedding Weekend)


We request a £500.00 bond for the Brosterfield Farm House when you send the final balance unless otherwise it has been agreed to a shorter time or has been waivered.   The Old Dairy and Shippon Cottage the bond is £100.00 when you send the final balance unless otherwise it has been agreed to be waivered.  Bertie's Retreat, Digby's Hut, Brosterfield Suite (when booking as a sole property) Fern Cottage, Brosterfield Cottage and Brewer's Cottage do not require a bond.  Wedding Weekends the bond is £2000.00.

Bonds are taken to cover any damage or breakages and to cover any losses incurred by the property or contents during your stay, as well as the cost of any special or extra cleaning or rubbish clearance that is required after departure.  If damage/loss exceeds the value of the bond or in the case of a no bond deposit, you will be liable for the full cost or the difference.  Bonds will also be kept for unruly and excessive levels of noise and causing disturbance to other guests staying at the farm.

Once you have departed and the property has been checked we will refund the bond less any deductions.  Your deposit is at risk if the terms and conditions herein are not adhered to.    We endeavour for the bond to be returned within 7 days after your departure, however please allow up to 14 days.  If a proportion of your bond has to be kept due to lossess incurred, the bond will be kept until the work or replacement items have been sorted and any balance due will be returned upon completion.

Your Responsibilities and Holiday Accommodation

Arrival Time shall be between 4.00pm and 7.00pm (NOT BEFORE 4.00pm, unless this has been agreed). On the morning of departure guests are requested to vacate the cottage no later than 10.00 am (STRICTLY NO LATER) as our cleaning personnel arrive at this time to commence their work in preparation for the next guests.

We ask that the number of persons occupying the Property will not exceed the maximum stated for the Property (description below) unless authorized by prior arrangement.

Farmhouse  -   including Brosterfield Suite                 20
Farmhouse -    not including Brosterfield Suite          18
Brosterfield Suite taken as a sole accommodation    2
The Old Dairy                                                                    6
Shippon Cottage                                                               6
Brewers Cottage                                                               2
Bertie's Retreat                                                                 2
Digby's Hut                                                                        2
Fern Cottage                                                                     2
Brosterfield Cottage                                                        2

The owners of Brosterfield Farm at their absolute discretion reserve the right to refuse or revoke, without refund, any parties that may, in their opinion, be unsuitable for the cottage, before or during their stay.

The Property will be used solely for the purpose of the holiday by the holiday maker and his/her party.  Failure will result in guests being asked to leave without any refund or compensation.

If guests wish to invite non-staying guests to Brosterfield Farm, permisison has to be sought before their stay.

To allow the Owners and/or their representatives access to the property at any reasonable time during the period of the holiday.

To keep the property and all furniture, utensils, equipment, fixtures, and fittings in or on the Property in the same condition and state of repair as at the commencement of the holiday.  Failure to do this will result in damages being sought.

To ensure that at the end of the holiday, the Property is left in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was found.

To report as soon as possible to the owners any breakages or damages caused by the Holiday makers during the holiday and to reimburse the owner with the cost of replacement prior to departure.

Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the monies being deducted from the bond and any short fall being pursued.

That all the property of the holiday makers, including cars and contents, is entirely at their own risk at all times and the owners shall accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused.

We operate a non smoking policy in all accommodations.  If guests wish to smoke they may do so outside and remove all waste safely.  Any damage caused by smoking, the guest will be responsible for costs incurred.

You are not permitted to substitute with another group/party during your stay.

You are not entitled to lease, rent, sell off or in any way sub-let any part of the property/buildings contained thereon.

Under no circumstances are free/chargeable parties to be held at any of the properties.  No outside music is allowed and any music played inside (windows/doors closed or open) must not disturb or hinder or cause a nuisance to any other guests staying at Brosterfield Farm or the surrounding area.  The use of DJ equipment is forbidden.  We ask all guests to be respectful of all other guests whilst sitting and using outside spaces, especially in summer months and later into the evening, when many properties have their windows open.    Your bond deposit could be forfeited or damages sought if you break these conditions or if we receive noise complaints from other guests.

All keys, gate fobs (if given) remain your responsibility during your stay and should at no time be given to a third party who is not part of the booking.  Loss of keys/fobs will incur a £100.00 fee - per key.

Security of the property is your responsibility during your stay.  All doors and windows must be secured each time  you leave the property. You are liable for any losses due to poor security. Any belonging left outside of the property is done so at the guests own risk and the owners are not responsible for any damage or theft incurred as a result of  this.

You agree not to undertake any maintenance nor tamper with electrics, plumbing or heating.

All rubbish must be removed from the properties and deposited in the rubbish bins provided.  Failure to dispose of your rubbish will incur a £20.00 fee or deduction from your bond.

You also undertake to advise us of any damage, breakages or loss during your stay and to reimburse us.

Under no circumstances should internal furniture or fixtures/fittings be moved outside or relocated inside.

Under no circumstances should the sofas be used as a bed.

The sofa bed (Old Dairy) can only be used by arrangement and is chargeable per person.   Please note this sofa bed maybe replaced at anytime and please do not book the cottage on the assumption that there is extra bed space for more than 6 in The Old Dairy.    It is strictly forbidden to use the sofa bed with your own bedding.

Only those persons named on the booking form are entitled to stay in the accommodation and the total number must not exceed the advertised capacity (stated above)

You must advise us of any problems with your accommodation immediately so that action can be taken. The owners  may enter the premises at a reasonable hour for inspection purposes or to carry out necessary maintenance.


It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to supervise the safety and good conduct of children at all times whilst on the property. We do not accept any responsibility resulting from failure to do this.  Children are forbidden access in the courtyard area of the farm at all times.  The courtyard area is located at the back of the farmhouse, Old Dairy and Shippon Cottage and where the stables are located.

Digby's and Brewers are the only properties that have reasonable access in the courtyard to their properties.


Wi-Fi connection is available within the properties free of charge, usage is restricted to light use only i.e. surfing and e-mails.


We aim to ensure that all of the information provided within our advertising and promotional material is correct and current when published.  

The owner reserves the right to make alterations at any time, as we are always seeking to improve our services and facilities and shall endeavour to inform you of any such alterations.


The owners of Brosterfield Farm accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any injury, loss, accident, death, delay, inconvenience, cancellation, damage or irregularity arising howsoever caused.  We do not accept  responsibility whatsoever for happenings or actions outside of our reasonable control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, temporary invasion of pests, acts of insurrection, theft, break-in, industrial disputes, floods, or other events amounting to force majeure.

Similarly we do not accept responsibility for breakdown in the supply of utilities, we will endeavour to arrange for such problems to be resolved as promptly as possible.  We do our utmost to ensure that the accommodation is satisfactory and enjoyable and take all reasonable care to maintain the property in good condition at all times.


Pets accepted with prior arrangement and details of the dog to be given (no puppies unless by agreement).  More than one dog is by agreement

Charges per dog:-

Old Diary                                  £25.00
Shippon Cottage                     £25.00
Brewer's Cottage                    £15.00
Bertie's Retreat                       £10.00
Digby's Hut                              £10.00
Brosterfield Suite                    £10.00
Brosterfield Farmhouse         £40.00
Fern Cottage                            £20.00
Brosterfield Cottage               £20.00
Wedding Weekend Dogs       £75.00 (strictly by arrangement)

Any damage caused by the dog must be paid for


Dogs must be kept under control at all times

Dogs to be kept downstairs at all times.

Dogs must not be allowed on any furniture or beds at all

Dogs must not be left unattended

Any damage to the house (including the utility room) must be paid for by the owner

All dog mess must be cleared away and deposited in the outside bin area.

Dogs must not jump up at the front door.

Dog’s paws must be cleaned (in winter times or after walks) before entering the house.

Any damage, distress or injury caused by your dog to other guests staying at Brosterfield Farm will be your responsibility

We do love dogs but we do have to think of the people whom are coming to our properties next.

The Holiday Maker responsible for the booking takes responsibility to notify all other members of the holiday maker’s party of these conditions and that they adhere to them and are bound by them.